Offbeat Adventures in the Land of Oz

  • Start: Lucas, KS
  • End: Oberlin, KS
  • Last Modified: 2011-09-13 20:39:38
  • Total Mileage: 185 Miles
  • Number of stops: 5


You don't have to get sucked up in a tornado and bonked in the head to swear you're not in Kansas -- just get off I-70 and take the state's northern backroads, where there's plenty of unexpected scenery around every bend. Near the birthplace of Bob Dole you won't find a museum devoted to the man, but rather a Gallery of Also Rans. If sleeping in another dull chain motel doesn't exactly thrill you, how about the prospect of sleeping in a 19th-century bank? Along the way you'll also see a growing ball of twine vying for the honor of "world's largest," a "Garden of Eden" whose creator can be viewed mummified in a mausoleum, and an authentic old-time roadside freak show still plying its trade.

Stop #1:

Garden of Eden
Lucas, KS

Stop #2:

Grassroots Art Center
Lucas, KS

Stop #3:

World's Largest Ball of Twine
Cawker City, KS

Stop #4:

They Also Ran Gallery
Norton, KS

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