Outback National Scenic Byway

  • Start: La Pine, OR
  • End: New Pine Creek, CA
  • Last Modified: 2012-02-02 23:20:38
  • Total Mileage: 170 Miles
  • Number of stops: 29


From the edge of Deschutes County through Lake County onto the edge of California, you can experience a vast amount of history, wildlife and scenery that can only be described as "Gods Country." While traveling Oregon's Outback Scenic Byway you will see; the rugged beauty of mountains, lakes, plains, rimrock, vistas, wild life and endless sky as well as the ruts from wagons that traveled the Oregon Trail and old stage coach stops. Pull off in Silver Lake at Picture Rock Pass to see petroglyphs left by Native Americans. If you stop for a while, you can tour the Summer Lake Wildlife Refuge and continue on down the birding trail to Goose Lake. Pull off for a night or two and soak in a natural mineral hotspring. Take a walking tour through the historic town of Lakeview and visit our museums. Stop at Hunters Resort and watch Oregon's only geyser, Old Perpetual, shoot straight up from a mineral pool. If you're traveling in the summer, look to the skies for hang gliders and paragliders and keep a close eye out for bighorn sheep, antelope, deer and coyote.

Stop #1:

Fort Rock Interpretive Site
La Pine, OR

Stop #2:

Derrick Cave
Bend, OR

Stop #3:

Ft. Rock Homestead Museum
Bend, OR

Stop #4:

Birding Site
Bend, OR

Stop #5:

Hole in the Ground
Bend, OR

Stop #8:

Lost Forest
Bend, OR

Stop #9:

Crack in the Ground
Bend, OR

Stop #10:

Picture Rock Pass
Silver Lake, OR

Stop #11:

Ana Reservoir
Bend, OR

Stop #12:

Historic Town of Summer Lake
Bend, OR

Stop #13:

Winter Rim
Bend, OR

Stop #14:

Summer Lake Lodge
Bend, OR

Stop #16:

Summer Lake Hot Springs
Bend, OR

Stop #17:

Historic Town of Paisley
Paisley, OR

Stop #18:

ZX Ranch
Paisley, OR

Stop #19:

Valley Falls
Bend, OR

Stop #20:

Abert Rim
Lakeview, OR

Stop #22:

Chandler State Park Birding Site
Lakeview, OR

Stop #23:

Crooked Creek
Lakeview, OR

Stop #24:

Old Perpetual Geyser
Lakeview, OR

Stop #25:

Black Cap Mtn. Hang Gliding site
Lakeview, OR

Stop #26:

Lakeview, OR

Stop #27:

Schmink & Lake County Museums
Lakeview, OR

Stop #28:

Goose Lake State Park
Lakeview, OR

Stop #29:

Stringers Wild Plum Winery
New Pine Creek, CA

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