Wetlands and Wildlife

  • Start: Hoisington, KS
  • End: Stafford, KS
  • Last Modified: 2011-12-02 16:47:24
  • Total Mileage: 77 Miles
  • Number of stops: 28


This byway showcases two of the world’s most important wetlands – Cheyenne Bottoms and the Quivira National Wildlife Refuge. Here, more than 60,000 acres of wetlands host millions of migrating birds each year. Sandhill cranes, pelicans, bald eagles, whooping cranes, plovers, sandpipers, avocets, ducks, geese, and more fill these wetlands with a living spectacle of color, motion, and sound. No wonder this region has been named one of the Eight Wonders of Kansas!

Stop #1:

Hoisington, KS

Stop #3:

Cheyenne Bottoms Scenic Overlook
Hoisington, KS

Stop #4:

Claflin, KS

Stop #5:

Camp Aldrich
Claflin, KS

Stop #6:

Kansas Wetlands Education Center
Great Bend, KS

Stop #7:

Cheyenne Bottoms East Entrance Overlook
Hoisington, KS

Stop #8:

Santa Fe Trail Region
Great Bend, KS

Stop #9:

Fort Zarah Historical Marker and Park
Great Bend, KS

Stop #11:

Great Bend
Great Bend, KS

Stop #12:

Ellinwood, KS

Stop #13:

Ringering Campground and Nature Walk
Ellinwood, KS

Stop #14:

Dozier Winery
Ellinwood, KS

Stop #15:

Miller Ranch Longhorn Cattle
Ellinwood, KS

Stop #16:

Prairie Shelterbelts
Great Bend, KS

Stop #17:

Mount Pleasant Church
Seward, KS

Stop #18:

CRP Grasslands
Stafford, KS

Stop #19:

Peace Church and Rural Cemeteries
Seward, KS

Stop #20:

Quivira Scenic Overlook
Seward, KS

Stop #21:

Sleeper Artesian Well
Stafford, KS

Stop #22:

Big Salt Marsh-Quivira Wildlife Drive
Stafford, KS

Stop #25:

Stafford, KS

Stop #26:

McCandless Prairie Dog Town
Stafford, KS

Stop #27:

St. John
St. John, KS

Stop #28:

Stafford, KS

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