Yellow Springs, Ohio


2013 Best Small Towns in America

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Yellow Springs is a community so small and unified, everyone’s a neighbor. The town embraces the arts with music, galleries, murals, and yarn bombing. The shops and restaurants are by definition unique as chain businesses are forbidden.

Other than art, festivals are the name of the game in Yellow Springs. The Yellow Springs Street Fair is a popular attraction, which features over 200 booths selling fine arts and crafts, jewelry, fair trade items, an international selection of cuisines and more. Street performers and musicians keep visitors entertained all day. Locals gather for fun at the weekly Friday Fling with live music, food, dancing, and face painting.

The town is family-friendly when it comes to outdoorsy activities. There are lots of places to go hiking, biking, or canoeing. The Glen Helen Nature Preserve attracts many visitors with its waterfalls, limestone cliffs, woodlands and the Yellow Spring. It also boasts 25 miles of hiking trails which are open all year. For the more adventurous, you can rock climb at the Clifton Gorge State Nature Preserve.

TravelingJules and TravelingJoan determined, “Yellow Springs is a place to be who you are. Their focus is on the arts, but what they’re really about is the art of living.”

I grew up not far from Yellow Springs and would come and visit a lot throughout my childhood and even into my college years. Nothing beats visiting Young's Dairy & getting the best ice cream on the planet. There are so many awesome & unique stores here where you can buy one of a kind items. Not to mention all of the natural beauty with Glen Helen, the Clifton Gorge, & John Bryan. Nothing brings me more joy than to say that this place I adored for all of these years is now my home! My husband & I moved here in January & can finally say for the first time in our lives "I am home!" Now that I have a 3 year old son, too, I can't get over how many free activities there are for kids. We have enjoyed the bike path, the Perry league t-ball team, the pool, story time, baby & toddler playtime, and many more in this most amazing and fun town. And wow - the music! There is such amazing music here. From the Wheels and Soul Rebels, to Blue Moon Soup, The Undercovered, and more.... there's no place we'd rather be. It feels good to be home!
Reviewed by eluvsphish
on September 17, 2012
I moved to the Dayton area in 1997 & friends soon introduced me to this little place called Yellow Springs a year later. Another year after that, I had no problem deciding I wanted my wedding to take place at John Bryant State Park. Ten years later, I found myself divorced & needing out of the city atmosphere. The first place I looked was The Village of Yellow Springs. My children & I have so enjoyed starting our new lives here. The atmosphere is perfect for a family! Nearly every night we can choose to walk downtown & see something beautiful. The artwork, the new shops that come in, the drum circles, the activities that are completely family friendly. Everyday we sit on our front porch and passer-bys always smile. We discuss the weather, our pets, the trees or simply visit Korner Kone for a kiddie kone. This town is just beautiful & continually coming up with new activities reaching out to use people's talents & bringing community together. Living here is so much more entertaining & filled with things to do than I have ever found anywhere else I've lived. We love to brag we are from Yellow Springs & invite friends to visit as often as they can!
Reviewed by bmo1275
on September 17, 2012
I moved to Yellow Springs in 1997 after a divorce. I knew within DAYS that I'd done the right thing! The folks are so friendly, the place is so peaceful yet so fun...everyone knows everyone even if they don't know your name. We talk on the street, sit on the benches, and just commune together. A really GREAT place to live, to bring up your kids, to heal yourself. I wouldn't live anywhere else!
Reviewed by violmando
on September 17, 2012
Yellow Springs or Bust!, is my motto. My family lives in Cincinnati, and we visit every chance we get...literally. Our goal is to move to Yellow Springs. We LOVE this town. My husband and I just rented the entire Willow's Nest (Lovely house, lovely owners!) property for the weekend of October's Street Fair (Oct. 8TH), and are bringing three other couples to celebrate my 50TH birthday. I am so excited I can hardly stand it because I know how much fun we'll be having! I could have picked a lot of other places for a birthday weekend, but Yellow Springs wins hands down (Yes, chosen over the beach). The nature, the music, the freedom, the friendly people, the open atmosphere, the schools, the quirky neighborhoods, the arts, culture, shops, restaurants...IT'S ALL GOOD!
Reviewed by TraceyGarteiz
on September 17, 2012
I grew up in Yellow Springs, moved away for 17 years, and have been back since 2000. Being from YS is a blessing and a curse - a blessing to grow up in a village where diversity, tolerance, and free-thinking aren't used a sa punch line but, rather, as a way of life. The fun that we have in Yellow Springs comes from a much deeper place than just the attractions or sights - it comes from living with and among people who are living an authentic life and who expect you to do the same. The relationships you find here - from new acquaintances to lifelong friends - mean that Villagers have fun anywhere and all the time. For a village of under 4,000 people, we have a remarkably international citizenry and an amazing number of artistic, sporting, natural, and community happenings. When the BOTR team came to town (Traveling Jules and Joan, et al) we pulled out all the stops to give them a taste of what we experience here. The fact is, though, that we didn't bend over backwards to create some whirlwind experience. The BOTR team could come back on short notice any time of the year and have just as much fun - and even more fun if they chose to live here.
Reviewed by evanscott
on September 17, 2012
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