West Bend, Wisconsin


2013 Best Small Towns in America

Contest ends:  September 3, 2013

2508 Votes - "Best for Geocaching"
15 Votes - "Most Beautiful"
15 Votes - "Friendliest"
4 Votes - "Most Fun"
2 Votes - "Best For Food"
1 Votes - "Most Patriotic"
West Bend is the perfect town if you are looking for the best of both worlds, rural geography, small town ambiance, and urban shopping. Great place to raise a family and come home to if you work in Milwaukee.
Reviewed by tomeastman
on September 3, 2013
Not only is West Bend an awesome place to find geocaches, with so many is such a concentrated area, they aren't all pill bottles! We came across so many unique containers during this year's Cache Ba$h it inspired me to create unique caches in my home town. I am looking forward to a few day trips to West Bend to do some geocaching, enjoy some of the parks and mingle with the locals, who are friendly and always ready to help when my GPS is sending me in the wrong direction!
Reviewed by Glitter Princess
on September 3, 2013
You know you are welcome in West Bend when the Police Department even puts out a "Welcome Geocachers" sign!! The best place for geocaching and the best mega event!!
Reviewed by dlmb622
on September 3, 2013
West Bend is home to the West Bend $1000 Cache Ba$h. We are the only “small town” to host a “mega” event annually. West Bend has over 1,200 geocache hides within 10 miles from where our Mega Event is held. West Bend offers all types of hides: earthcaches, wherigo, chirp, letterbox, traditionals, mystery/puzzle, offsets, and multi’s. These all range from park and grabs to walks in our city parks and county parks, to hikes along the riverwalk in downtown West Bend, to hikes along the scenic Ice Age Trail. You can hike or bike along the Eisenbahn Trail, walk in our dog parks, find one in the wayside, little libraries and at places of geological/historical significance. We have a few hides in the Milwaukee River where you need a watercraft, a few hides in Little Cedar Lake (boat needed), a couple are on a ski hill, and they are also hidden in conservancies. West Bend has a great reputation (thanks to our West Bend Area Chamber, and local hiders) with both public and private businesses in our West Bend Community. Our campgrounds have a few geocaches hidden on their premises, as well as hotels, restaurants, gas stations, etc. Our hiders offer a wide range of terrain/difficulty ratings and offer a multitude of cache hides: from an evil monkey (climb a tree), to swimming down and retrieving a sunken submarine at the bottom of a pond, from night cache hikes to drive-by night caches in your car. We’ve had a local family hosts two separate events when their family hit a major milestone in which they took fellow geocachers out geocaching with them in a limousine for their 10K event and then for their 20K they piled 45+ geocachers into a yellow school bus and took them around the area to find 20 newly hidden caches for the event. Another West Bend geocacher hosts a 5K Run/Walk event annually on the Eisenbahn Trail. Our High Schools offer geocaching as one of the Physical Education units and both Public Middle Schools offer geocaching as a co-curricular after school class. West Bend has a strong relationship with the WGA (Wisconsin Geocaching Association) and with our local law enforcement. Come to West Bend to geocache...you’ll see why we are the “Geocaching Capital of the Midwest.”
Reviewed by tmauland
on September 3, 2013
West Bend is fortunate to be in the heart of the Kettle Moraine Area. Our local geocachers have caches hidden on Moraines, in Kettles, along Eskers, in rivers, lakes, and along the ice-age trail. Whether you want long hikes, on bikes, or walks, West Bend has it all. You can geocache 365 days a year here and you will enjoy geocaching in all 4 seasons.
Reviewed by arvid
on September 3, 2013
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