Enterprise, Alabama


2013 Best Small Towns in America

Contest ends:  September 3, 2013

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Enterprise derives much of its patriotism from nearby Fort Rucker, the Home of Army Aviation. The town has also been named a Retiree Model City, ranking in the top 25 towns for military to retire. Discover the largest collection of Army aircraft in America at the Army Aviation Museum.

But Enterprise has much more to offer besides patriotism. If you are looking for some Southern hospitality, downtown Enterprise is the place to go. Find shopping and dining in addition to an interactive art studio, museums and bed and breakfasts. The town prides itself on finding the perfect balance between traditional Southern charm and progress, hence the nickname, the City of Progress.

Don’t miss the Depot Museum in a train station from 1903, the petting zoo, a historic cotton gin, farms and farmers markets. Newly opened Bamajam Farms boasts water and equestrian parks, ATV trails, bumper boats, canoeing, a fitness center, and fishing, golfing and camping—outdoors adventures for the whole family.

Enterprise plays host to many unique events including the World's Smallest St. Patrick's Day Parade, the Aviation Expo, and the Boll Weevil Festival. Come for Summer Fest, the Piney Woods Arts Festival, or Freedom Fest, too. See what else is going on here in local reviews.

I've been in the Enterprise area for 20 yrs. now and I'm very proud to call it home. I was born and raised for 12 yrs. in Montgomery so of course there will always be a special place for it in my heart but it can't ever compare to the hospitality and support of a small southern town. My mother graduated in 1977 from EHS and my grandparents have resided in Enterprise for over 40 yrs. It's a wonderful town to live in or visit. Such a wonderful community of people from young to old. God bless Enterprise,AL. and Roll Tide Roll !! :)
Reviewed by Taylorfan
on August 15, 2013
I've lived in Alabama, Ohio, Georgia and South Carolina. For more than 50 years, I have been proud to call Enterprise, Alabama my home. Our town still has the small town feel, but the people are what makes it truly exceptional. They truly epitomize the real meaning of "southern hospitality". The people here are down-to-earth and friendly. Newcomers are welcomed and made to feel at home. We are blessed to have Fort Rucker, the Home of Army Aviation, as our neighbors. Our town is proudly called home by many active duty/retired military, as well as DoD civilian employees/retirees. We feel such pride in our military friends and neighbors and in their contributions to our town. We support them in every way possible.
When the March 7, 2007 tornado hit our town with a fury, it reined death and destruction through the entire city. It destroyed two major schools, homes, businesses and caused widespread damage city-wide. In the midst of tremendous devastation and heartbreak, friends and neighbors, school, churches, city & government workers, Ft Rucker soldiers, and even total strangers, banded together to help one another. I've never seen such selflessness and love for others. Those who were here to experience that tragedy, truly understand the heart that the people of Enterprise have for our town. We take great pride in our city and in the community spirit that is exemplified here on a daily basis. We also take pride in the fact that we love our country and the military men and women who protect and defend us. No matter what happens with the competition, we know that Enterprise will always be "most patriotic". We just appreciate the opportunity to have been a part of the Best of the Road competition.
Reviewed by JennyJones
on July 16, 2012
My granddaughter lives near Atlanta, Ga. When she needed info for a report on Alabama, the Chamber of Commerce gave me a box full of things to send her about Enterprise and the Boll Weevil Monument. She made 98 on her report. The monument is in the heart of Enterprise.
Reviewed by nancysemb
on July 5, 2012
Please let me tell you a personal story about the Town of Enterprise. I came to Enterprise for the first time in June 1957, going through US Army flight school. Fresh out of OCS a brand new 2nd LT and finishing my training in flight school. My wife was pregnant and about two weeks in Enterprise the baby was born. The baby lived two days. Needless to say, I and my wife were devastated and in a state of shock. THE PEOPLE OF ENTERPRISE TOOK OVER. They made all the arrangements for the fumeral, burial and Head stone for the child. When I ask who did this for me, who do I pay? The answer I got was "The People of Enterprise and nothing else. I found from being stationed in quite a few places that "The Pople of Enterprise" were the most sincere Partiotic and wonderful down to earth people I ever encountered. I subsequently retired and made Enterprise my home. I have been here for forty-six years now and the feeling and treatment I receive from "The People of Enterprise" has not changed, they are fabulous.
Some thirty-eight years later I happened to have breakfast with one of the finest men I ever met, Yancy Parker, now deceased. I broached the subject to him and Yancy told me that he and several people felt they should help those in the Military and that is what they did out of kindness and the goodness of their hearts. Nothing I could ever say would really do justice for this TOWN. Trully Leonard J. Sharp LTC (RET)
Reviewed by lencanpru
on July 5, 2012
We moved to the area when I was 7 years old because my father got stationed at Ft. Rucker. I am 34 years old now and LOVE Enterprise! Both of my children were born here. This town comes together without question, supports the military and military families here, and has the most wonderful sense of patriotism ever! Tons of folks around here fly flags year round, wear America's colors daily, and wear red on Fridays to support our troops. Enterprise is constantly showing appreciation to Ft. Rucker. Many Army folks have retired in Enterprise like my father, and this town has welcomed every family as if they were born and raised here! Enterprise loves our city, our state, and especially our country. Enterprise stands together for America!
Reviewed by DebraD
on June 29, 2012
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