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2013 Best Small Towns in America

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Gallup, NM is known for many reasons, such as "Indian Capital of the World" or our latest accomplishment, The "Adventure Capital of New Mexico." Gallup, NM is located on I-40 20 miles east of the Arizona state line.

We are a small community with a population of just over 21,000 during the week, but on the weekends with all the different activities taking place our population can more than triple in size.

Gallup, NM is known for our Saturday Flea Market and for some of the most amazing mountain biking and hiking trails in the country. With our elevation of over 6,500 feet above sea level, the thin mountain air and low humidity can make for some very cool evenings.

We are home to some of the oldest and largest events in the country and if it’s Rodeo’s you like, then don’t miss our Lion’s Club Rodeo and anyone up for a game of "Cowboy Poker", then you wouldn’t want to miss, "The Wild Thing" Bull Riding Championships in July.

The second full week in August is one of the country’s oldest and largest Native American Gathering’s with this year’s 92nd Annual Gallup Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial where tribes from across the US, Canada and Mexico come to celebrate being Native America.

The Gallup, NM area is just at the doorsteps of the Navajo and Zuni Reservations where some of this country’s most amazing scenery can be found, please don’t forget to bring a camera and this area is also home to some of this country’s most amazing war hero’s of WWII, The Navajo Code Talkers and home to Medal of Honor Recipient from the Korean War, Mr. Hershey Miyamura and to several of the surviving members of the Bataan Death March and what later became known as "The Purple Heart Battalion" or officially known as The 442nd.

I moved back to Gallup from Maryland and I must say that this small town shows so much more respect and honor to its veterans and the men and woman that serve this beautiful country of ours. Our veterans support this community and with there mind set everyone that has served is/are there brothers and sisters. Here in Gallup the besinesses put hiring veterans first. The family's here in Gallup that there sons or daughters are in the service understand what there kids do and the respect, honor, and sacrifices that come with serving our Nation. The ones that have served before me I am truly honored for all you have done and the freedom you defended when i was a kid, now I know what you all had to give up and being away from your family's for long periods of time. I am honored to be able to give back to the veterans that came before me and I'm honored for the one that will come after. There will always be people that want to stand up and fight for this Country and that is what unites us. There are many family's here in Gallup and are proud parents and in some cases the kids that are proud of what there mom's and dad's have done for our Country. It is just awesome living in a small town where there is so much Respect, Honor, and most of all the Patriotism that this small town makes us all feel Honored.
Reviewed by Jdb
on October 1, 2013
Was born and raised in Gallup and have seen many people come and go,but most of the people i grew up with stayed in Gallup. My dad was in the air force when he married my mom and served proudly. My dad's brothers served,both in the national guard,one being deployed to Korea during the the war and now sits next to me at the veterans helping veterans meetings.I had two uncles on my moms side who served during WWII in the navy and both came home safely. I had two brothers serving during the Vietnam war. One in the Air Force and one in the Army. I went into the Army and was stationed stateside due to both of my brothers being deployed during wartime.I now have a son in law who is in the national guard and I am very proud of him.Mine is only one of many families from Gallup who have served their country.I am very proud of Gallup and the surrounding areas for their contribution and also our own medal of honor winner.Gallup has a very proud tradition of our people serving their Country!
Reviewed by mtonyflyer
on October 1, 2013
I wanted to share a story about Gallup, NM and how they help veterans. I had received a call from the mayor regarding helping out a stranded veteran. This young man was traveling through our little town when he had a blow out on his motorcycle. A scary enough event let alone being far from home and in a town where you knew absolutely no one. When he had pushed his bike to a gas station and explained what had happen, the wheels started in motion quick. The clerk called his friend who happened to be a member of the Gallup's Veterans Helping Veterans who called the mayor who is a huge supporter of veterans in our community and has children of his own serving our country. The mayor called me (hotel manager) to set everything in place. So in a matter of a few minutes the Mayor (who is also an avid motorcyclist himself) picked up the young man (who by the way is a Marine) and took the Marine and his bike to a repair shop to get his part ordered. The mayor called me to arrange for lodging for this young man and the Gallup Veterans Helping Veterans paid for his room. So we got the young man's bike taken care of, his lodging taken care of now he needs to eat. Another member of the Veterans Helping Veterans jumped in too and bought a gift card to a local restaurant (Denny's) so this Marine could get something to eat. As I visited with him in my office at the hotel, he began to cry (yes Marines do cry too) and said he had never received treatment like this before and that other communities where he had visited usually just looked the other way because he was on a motorcycle. I told him not in Gallup, we welcome all here and do our best to take care of you while you are here. I gave this young man a hug, shook his hand and thanked him for his service to our country and called him my brother. The next morning the mayor came by the hotel picked up the young Marine and took him to get his bike and down the road he went, with a full tank of gas, a full stomach but most importantly a full heart as he knew he had an extended family in Gallup, NM.
Reviewed by mriege1912
on October 1, 2013
I am 52 and have lived in Gallup for about 38 of those years. When I was born my dad was called back into the army. He, my mom and I had to relocate to Louisiana for almost 18 months when the Soviets sent the missiles to Cuba. My very first patriotic event. I lived in Belen, NM for about 12 years and had a job I LOVED but just never felt the community feeling Gallupians have. It really does not matter here what color you are, if you are skinny or fat, have the best clothes or drive the newest car. Have a boyfriend or a girlfriend or don't have one. I am always comfortable with who I am and never feel out of place or judged by anyone. We really do have great events all year long that honor our veterans, and there are so many veterans including all three of my uncles and my Dad. We have the walkway with all of the veterans names, the courthouse with the pictures of so many of our veterans and so many of our men were in Bataan, I belive we have lost all of them but we have not FORGOTTEN them or what they gave to us and to this country. I know I think we are the most Patriotic City in the United States, and even if we don't win in our hearts we will still feel like it and continue the acts and events that make us feel that way. GO GALLUP!!
Reviewed by alikat
on September 20, 2013
When this contest started I had not thought of Gallup as being patriotic, but then I thought about the Veteran's Memorial right outside my window at work. The overpass and High School Named after Hiroshi (Hershey) Miyamura, a Congressional Medal of Honor recipient (and an awesome man!). The many celebrations honoring the awesome Code Talkers and Bataan Death March survivors and all veterans. All of the wonderful work that is done by the VFW members. The Run For The Wall gatherings that are so impressive to see and hear! The Freedom Riders who pay tribute to Veteran's by escorting the procession at their funerals and honoring and protecting their loved ones at a difficult time. Speaking, posting the Colors and presenting the Flag at funerals or memorials of Veterans. We are thankful to all of those who have served to preserve our freedom. We are so thankful for those reminders of the huge price that they have paid. I just thought of all of this as part of home, which IS pretty patriotic.
Reviewed by milliewt
on September 20, 2013
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