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2013 Best Small Towns in America

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Named after Edmund Pendleton Gaines, Gainesville is a town deeply rooted in its past with historic homes, traditional events and long standing educational institutions. The town is home to North Central Texas College and North Texas Medical Center and has the largest school system in its county. It most notably plays host to the Medal of Honor program, welcoming every recipient in the nation.

Gainesville’s derives historic relevance from World War II when it was home to Camp Howze, one of the largest replacement training centers. The local train station was used by the Amtrak Lone Star, which stopped operating in 1979. The station’s reopening in 1999 brought a renewed prosperity to the town. One of Gainesville's noteworthy events is the annual Depot Day. Every October the town celebrates railroad history with a car show, an art show, and other entertainment.

Visit the Morton Museum to get a glimpse into the town’s history. This building originally housed Gainesville's city hall, fire station, and jail. Now you can research genealogy or take a tour of the historic downtown and sites in the area including two theatres and a performing arts center.

Families will particularly enjoy Frank Buck Zoo. The zoo was originally on the grounds of the former Gainesville Community Circus, which helped bring tourism to the town in the 30s and 40s. The zoo’s current location is in Leonard Park. For more on 2012’s Most Patriotic Town, check out its reviews.

Definatly one of the most patriotic citiea
Reviewed by Fireangel
on July 3, 2013
Nothing says "Most Patriotic Small Town in America" like comparing your Commander-in-Chief (you know, the guy who gave the SEALs the green light to kill bin Laden) to the world's most notorious terrorist:
I guess they waited until the Best of the Road folks were gone before putting this one up.
Reviewed by JMartin81
on August 27, 2012
I grew up here and this town has always been patriotic and paid tribute to our country and it's soldiers. Nice too see a good thing get recognized for a change! There really is no place like Gainesville Texas.We have all of the technology and goodies in life, but this town still has the "hometown" feeling to it that you would expect. That is a good thing because the people in this town still have morals and values and no how to make a dollar. And help the next person with anything without a blink of the eye.This and our diversity is why if anyone in the world wants to experience what American life is truly like then come visit Gainesville.This town has a very rich history and a brilliant future. Windy Wilson
Reviewed by cooter1211
on July 23, 2012
Way to go Gainesville! There should be more towns like you in the USA.....but, of course, Texas would have one of the best!
Reviewed by
on July 23, 2012
I would invite anyone interested in visiting Gainesville to go to YouTube and pull up MOH Gainesville for a sampling of what goes on in this great little town. Shhh....don't tell anyone in Gainesville that they are too small to have such a wonderful program. They're too busy DOING it to listen!
Reviewed by mikeysmom
on July 20, 2012
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