Quincy, Illinois


2013 Best Small Towns in America

Contest ends:  September 3, 2013

3105 Votes - "Most Beautiful"
133 Votes - "Friendliest"
51 Votes - "Most Fun"
37 Votes - "Most Patriotic"
14 Votes - "Best For Food"
3 Votes - "Best for Geocaching"
Quincy, Illinois is an amazing small town. Quincy is beautiful, filled with lovely architecture, amazing historic homes, tree lined streets, historic districts, vibrant downtown, more parks than you can visit in a day! We are on the river bluffs of the Mississippi river. The people are very friendly and you will enjoy your time here. We have a lot of wonderful hometown places to eat (as well as national chains if that what's you prefer, but you will miss out on some amazing dishes)! Quincy has a lot of great history, from the Underground Railroad, to sheltering Morman's and Native Americans. We have had many famous citizens too, from flight to inventors, actors and authors. Come and enjoy our town!
Reviewed by Qcy
on July 3, 2013
Beautiful architecture, beautiful trees, right on the Mississippi River! And if you don't like the weather today, just wait a day or two. It will be sunny and bright before you know it!
Reviewed by NancyDqpl
on July 3, 2013
Quincy is such a beautiful small town. I've lived in a variety of places and travelled to many more and Quincy deserves to be ranked among the top beautiful small towns. Architecture, mature trees, a beautiful downtown park that plays host to a wide variety of cultural and community events, bluff views of the Mississippi and bald eagle sightings, and (most important) the beautiful people who make visitors and new residents like myself feel equally as engrained in the community as a native Quincyan. This town is all about hospitality. A fantastic public park system throughout the town and lots of untouched natural area surrounding for nature-lovers and hunters. This is a wonderful place to visit or stop and stay a while.
Reviewed by Kellikasa
on July 3, 2013
Quincy is a beautiful town. Our historic architecture can't be beat. Tree-lined streets, acres and acres of wonderfully maintained parks, vibrant downtown and riverfront... I could go on and on. Even more impressive - the people! Folks are friendly and proud to call such a great community home.
Reviewed by MaggieStrong
on July 2, 2013
Quincy is a beautiful community which sits on the bluffs of the Mississippi River. Quincy is known for its tree-lined streets and the preservation of these trees. Quincy has many beautiful historic homes which are maintained to reflect the feel of the city. Quincy's downtown district is thriving. Our City council just approved funding in order to maintain and keep the downtown area clean and beautiful. Plans are underway to bring back one of Quincy's beautiful historic theaters, just one of the treasures in the city. Some of the best views are down by the river on a warm summer evening watching a beautiful sunset along the banks of the Mississippi River.
Reviewed by meisjim
on July 2, 2013
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