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Named after Edmund Pendleton Gaines, Gainesville is a town deeply rooted in its past with historic homes, traditional events and long standing educational institutions. The town is home to North Central Texas College and North Texas Medical Center and has the largest school system in its county. It most notably plays host to the Medal of Honor program, welcoming every recipient in the nation.

Gainesville’s derives historic relevance from World War II when it was home to Camp Howze, one of the largest replacement training centers. The local train station was used by the Amtrak Lone Star, which stopped operating in 1979. The station’s reopening in 1999 brought a renewed prosperity to the town. One of Gainesville's noteworthy events is the annual Depot Day. Every October the town celebrates railroad history with a car show, an art show, and other entertainment.

Visit the Morton Museum to get a glimpse into the town’s history. This building originally housed Gainesville's city hall, fire station, and jail. Now you can research genealogy or take a tour of the historic downtown and sites in the area including two theatres and a performing arts center.

Families will particularly enjoy Frank Buck Zoo. The zoo was originally on the grounds of the former Gainesville Community Circus, which helped bring tourism to the town in the 30s and 40s. The zoo’s current location is in Leonard Park. For more on 2012’s Most Patriotic Town, check out its reviews.

Most Patriotic Town in America...That has a very nice sound to it however it needs to be added on to a bit....Gainesville, Texas The Most Patriotic Town in America..."It's What We Do".
(We can change that later)
I love this town and the people for all they do for the true patriotic love of our country and the military forces that protect it.
This town has captured the absolute true meaning of patriotism and they express it in so many different ways.
They have the ONLY designation in the country of being "The Medal of Honor Host City" and that designation has been recognized by Congress.
The Medal of Honor Week and the Parade that honors these men is second to none and that has been said by the recipients themselves not the community and that’s why a lot of them keep coming back year after year. "It's What We Do"
We teach our children what patriotism is and how to show it in the community and they will learn it and pass it on as well. "It's what We Do"
We show others that come to our town what patriotism is and how to express it and they learn it and will show others as well. "It's What We Do"
The escort of the Medal of Honor Recipients from DFW Airport to Gainesville has gotten so big it should be a parade itself, It pulls all the communities along the way out to the expressway to show their towns love and support for our Hero’s, I guess you could say that Gainesville has provided the means for these communities to show their patriotism...We want everyone to have that opportunity and we want to show them how to do it..."It's What We Do"
Love, Honor and Respect for America is what this town is all about, it does not matter what road you come into town on or what road you leave town on we we promise you a little dose of patriotism to take home with you "IT"S WHAT WE DO"
Ya'll Come See Us, Bring your flag, but if you forget it we have one waiting for you in The Most Patriotic Town in America
Reviewed by tiogacharlie
on July 16, 2012
It is not always easy to close down a small family-owned business in the middle of the week but there is a need, a deep need, to be somewhere else. I need to find a spot along the highway, a spot where I can get a great view of the motorcade due any minute.
It is not just any motorcade but a convoy formed for one purpose. Hundreds of police cars, motorcycles, fire trucks and buses stretching more than eight miles are escorting a group of special people, recipients of the Congressional Medal of Honor to my town, Gainesville, Texas.
Our own ladder truck is atop an overpass, apparatus fully extended with the largest American flag in town streaming from the top. There is no traffic on the interstate because the co-operative efforts of law enforcement officials throughout North Texas have seen to it nothing hinders the journey of these reluctant heroes.
While in Gainesville these men will meet with our school children, eat at our restaurants, be feted at a large banquet and star in a long parade in their honor. Almost to a man they will say they were not thinking of medals when they lived through that specific moment that earned them their award. They will say these memories should be dedicated to the ones who got their medals posthumously.
Finally the flashing lights appear in the distance and the crowd is hushed, watching the approach. A hollow feeling begins in the pit of the stomach. Tears start to form in the corners of each eye. The bus carrying the special guests goes by.
We may not know those men now, but we will before they leave on Sunday and they will know many of us.
The nice thing is, we get to relive this thrilling scene next year because we live in Gainesville, Texas, the only town in the United States designated Medal of Honor Host City. It is what we do.
Reviewed by motts
on July 16, 2012
Looking for the Most Patriotic Town in the country? Look no further. The patriotism in Gainesville, Texas is incredible, unmatched and contagious. A rich, proud history and fantastic people!
Reviewed by TAA
on July 5, 2012
Living history every April when America's greatest national treasures, our Medal of Honor recipients return to Gainesville, TX. to share in our small town big time event to honor all who have served by recognizing those who have earned America's highest award for valor. Most recipients who have visited Gainesville have declared her America's most patriotic city, and in my humble opinion, they should know!
Reviewed by
on June 18, 2012
Great place to live - patriotism is alive and well in Gainesville. Gainesville Texas is the only Medal of Honor Host City in the country and, as such, has hosted 38 Medal of Honor Recipients to date.
Reviewed by mmchorse
on June 14, 2012
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