Starkville, Mississippi


2013 Best Small Towns in America

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on June 16, 2016
Starkville, MS is a great place to live and raise a family. The university draws people from around the world so most of us have lived in other places. Since many of us are newcomers, it is not clannish. You cannot walk down the street without someone speaking to you. You also cannot go anywhere in town without knowing people. There are surprisingly good restaurants for a small town and we have a great deal of variety: Thai, Peruvian, Japanese, Chinese, Mexican, Greek, Cajun, and Southern, of course. We could use more shopping but we do have some nice boutiques and a wonderful consignment shop in town and we are a 20 minute drive to Belk and T.J. Maxx. I would rather spend an hour and a half driving to a mall occasionally than spend an hour and a half in the car everyday getting to work. The 10 minute commute to work is a nice part of the lifestyle. We also have world class entertainment that comes to town through the Lyceum Series and the university as well as a terrific community theater and lots of local musicians and festivals. We travel quite a bit and Starkville is a wonderful place to come home to.
Reviewed by cswan
on August 1, 2013
Worst town ever. No public transportation, and no sidewalks. You can't get anywhere unless you have a car. Starkville is completely isolated in the middle of nowhere, 1.5 hours from the slightest hint of civilization (Tuscaloosa). Everyone I know here has to order half of their home goods and groceries from because Walmart, Kroger, Piggly Wiggly and a handful of mom and pop shops are the only places to shop in this town. The food is AWFUL -- not only taste-wise, but I've been served moldy food in Starkville, and the wait staff is equally inexperienced/terrible. Also, don't bother looking for a job here unless you have connections, because credentials don't get you anywhere here, it's who you know. People are outwardly very friendly, but behind closed doors many of them are very racist. I have nothing good to say about this poor excuse of a town. For anyone who wants to accuse me of hating on Starkville, I'm not... I wanted to love this town, but there's little to love. It's an awful place.
Reviewed by jcrad
on July 1, 2013
Starkville is a wonderful place for all ages.We are a college town that offers all the activities that a college town normally brings with it. We have the athletic events for the University but we are also the home of T-Ball. It was invented here and continues to be recognized for that early childhood sport. We host major soccer tournaments all through the year and have one of the largest and most active horse parks in the South. Starkville has incredible options for good food. We have some of the best Bar-B-Que in the south. We are home to restaurants recognized in Southern Living magazine as a new southern cuisine with fresh local ingredients. We are also home to the Cotton District which is nationally and internationally recognized for its design concepts and execution. We are a destination for multiple events such as the Cotton District Arts festival that draws from neighboring states as well as locally.
Reviewed by Starkville
on September 17, 2012
Starkville is the Best!
Reviewed by matthewrye
on September 17, 2012
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